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Austentation: Regency Accessories

Lucy: 1812 Regency Bonnet

Lucy: 1812 Regency Bonnet

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What could be more iconic of Jane Austen's era than a lovely wide brimmed straw sun bonnet?! This style, also called a "Gipsy Hat", is based on the period bonnet seen in the image below from the Kyoto Institute (dated 1790-1815). It also reminded me of this portrait of Mme. Seriziat, 1795. The trimming possibilities are endless on this fantastic bonnet and I have included some of my favorite options in the additional images.

My trimmed Lucy comes trimmed in your choice of wide ribbon and flower colors, and ivory white ostrich plumes. I will choose flower styles based on the colors chosen. Additional changes can be made upon request.

The final fashion plate shown is from the June, 1794, issue of The Gallery of Fashion. The plate is entitled, "A Peep into Kensington Gardens, Morning Dresses", and the plate is described as  follows:
Straw-coloured gipsy hat, trimmed with lilac riband formed into a large bow in the front, and into a very small one behind; tied under the chin with a lilac-coloured silk handkerchief. One white, and one lilac ostrich feather, placed on left side. The hair in light curls, falling down behind, bound with a white half-handkercheif, tied in the front into a large bow. Round gown of fine Indian callico, trimmed with a narrow flounce; long sleeves trimmed at the wrist with lace. Lilac-coloured sash tied into a small bow, the ends as long as the train. Lawn handkerchief, over it another of lilac-coloured silk, turned under the arms, and tied behind. Yellow shoes. Jonquille-coloured gloves.
Fig. XI.
Plain chip hat, trimmed with purple ribands. Hair lightly frizzed; chignon turned up in a loose plait. Plain muslin gown and petticoat. Short sleeves, trimmed at the elbows with lace. Full cravat round the neck. Small lawn handkerchief tied behind. Black silk cloak, trimmed with very broad lace. Lead-coloured gloves. Green fan.
Fig. XII.
Demi-gipsy hat, trimmed with green ribands, forming a large bow in the front, and a very small one behind. A narrow white net, plaited round the edge of the brim, its two points tied with narrow green ribands, passing under the ringlets, and forming behind a small bow. Two party-coloured feathers on the left side. Hair in easy curls; chignon turned up plain and the ends returned in ringlets. Chemise of spotted muslin; the sleeves tied in two parts with green ribands. Cross-striped green and white sash. Jonquille-coloured gloves. Yellow shoes.

This bonnet is also listed as a plain bonnet for your trimming pleasure. Please contact me about custom decorations. I'm always ready to try something new!

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