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KIT Mayflower Pilgrims John Alden & Priscilla

KIT Mayflower Pilgrims John Alden & Priscilla

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Priscilla's Hair Color
Vegetable Style

The 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact was recently celebrated, commemorating the first "Constitution" in American history. One of the most famous signers was John Alden, my children's 14x great-grandfather. Made a household name for his part in "The Courtship of Miles Standish", these two dolls represent the courage and heartfelt convictions of our country's founding fathers. Without a doubt, they "speak for themselves."

Based on the clothing style found in illustrations for the famous poem, the dolls feature colorful Pilgrim ensembles, and bear a harvest tribute to the first Thanksgiving, held in 1621. Each kit come with a tiny Putka Pod Pumpkin along with your choice of additional pod, handmade clay vegetable (shown, assorted vegetables will be sent) or a silvertone corn on the cob charm.

This kit (see final image for packaging sample) comes with supplies to make one John Alden and one Priscilla Mullins clothespin doll Christmas ornament as pictured. Included in your kit are: 2 dollpins (3 3/4"), felt, small hat, yarn for hair, gun, vegetable (your choice), one pattern sheet and two instruction sheets.* See final image for packaging.

*Additional crafting supplies (scissors, glue, etc.) are necessary to complete this kit.


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