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Austentation: Regency Accessories

KIT Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

KIT Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth...rather elementary, is it not? 

Add a touch of wry humor to your tree or bookshelf (each doll can also stand on it's own) with this Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ornament kit!

Holmes is based on the statue in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's home town in Scotland and wears a classic Inverness cape along with his trademark deerstalker cap. He carries a pipe. Dr. Watson looks dapper in his Victorian suit and hat.

This kit (see final image for packaging sample) comes with supplies to make one Holmes and one Dr. Watson clothespin doll Christmas ornament as pictured. Included in your kit are: 2 dollpins (3 3/4"), felt, small hat, pipe, one pattern sheet and two instruction sheets.* See final image for packaging.

This kit is part of my Literary Couplings set, which includes other famous duos such as Scarlett and Rhett, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Anne of Green Gables and Diana Barry, etc.

*Additional crafting supplies (scissors, glue, etc.) are necessary to complete this kit.





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