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Austentation: Regency Accessories

Marigold Yellow Regency/Victorian Reticule

Marigold Yellow Regency/Victorian Reticule

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She soon believed herself to penetrate Mrs. Elton's thoughts, and ... she saw her with a sort of anxious parade of mystery fold up a letter which she had apparently been reading aloud to Miss Fairfax, and return it into the purple and gold reticule by her side...
Jane Austen

This listing is for a handmade reticule in a delightful shade Marigold . It is one of a kind and measures approximately 9" by 7". See second image for a glimpse of the interior, lined in ivory muslin. It is finished with an ivory cord and gold mini tassel.

Because the straight lines of Regency gowns did not provide room for pockets, women were forced to carry necessary items in small drawstring bags called reticules. Precursor to today's purse, the reticule provided a place to store important things (small parcels, spare change, the ever-present handkerchief, a small mirror, perhaps a snuffbox...all the rage at the time... or powder, smelling salts, and a love-letter or two) close at hand.


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