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Men's Straw Hat This is something new for me-- We are trying men's straw top hats! They are quite similar in style to ones worn at our local 1840's living history museum and I was told that the base was designed to look like hats worn in the British Navy, but I have been unable to find pictures to prove it (does anyone have one?) What I have found is an 1801 print from Ackermann's Repository showing the tall style of straw hat for men (albeit exaggerated) and of course, who could forget Jeremy Northam in Emma, with his dapper straw hat. Mine is hand trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon and a flat bow on one side. These hats are "one size". The brim (it's an oval) which is 13"x13.5" across. The crown, also an oval, measures 7"x6.5" and 5.25" tall. The interior circumference for sizing purposes is 23.25". This includes a lining "band" which could be removed or padded to adjust the fit.

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