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While earlier bonnets of the 19th Century had lower brims, by mid-century Spoon Bonnets, which featured increasingly high brims and more elaborate trimmings, became the vogue. This low crowned spoon bonnet is made of tightly braided straw and features pointed edges on the brim, to allow for at "curtain" (bavolet) in the back to protect the neck from sun.

Each bonnet is one of a kind. When you choose your colors, I will find ribbon, flowers and/or berries to complete your look. If you have specific colors and ideas in mind, please contact me or leave me a note. If you would like another variation of this bonnet, feel free to contact me about custom colors and trimmings. I'm always happy to try something new.

You will need to choose large, medium or small when ordering. Sizes are as follows:
Large: Brim=8" deep, Point to Point (over the top of the brim)=26", crown=5" across
Medium: Brim=7.5" deep, Point to Point (over the top of the brim)=24", crown=5" across
Small: Brim=7" deep, Point to Point (over the top of the brim)=23", crown=5" across

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