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Here you'll find everything from fans and gloves and shawls,
to hankies, hair pins and bonnet trimming supplies.

Bonnet Decorating Kit
Each Bonnet Decorating Kit comes with three yards of ribbon, one bunch of flowers and two feathers, in your choice of colors. Check Here for inspiration!
Ribbon Colors:
Flower Colors:
Specify White, Black or Pheasant Feathers:

Folding Hand Fan
I am happy to offer two fan choices. The first, a genuine Sandalwood folding fan has a natural, subtle sandalwood scent. The second is a carved bamboo and silk fan (click for a photo). These carved wooden folding fans are 8 inches long when closed and open to about 14 inches across. Perfect for balls, weddings or any function where you want to cool yourself or your guests. Each fan is accented with a tassle.
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Vintage Handkerchief
Handkerchiefs are the number one accessory to have in your reticule! Attractive and always useful, they are so much nicer than a modern kleenex. I found a selection of these vintage white on white handkerchiefs at a small antiques store in Maine. No two are alike, but all are white cotton with lace edging or embroidery.
The Art of the Love Letter Mini Kit
This elegant little kit contains five sheets of beautiful paper with envelopes, plus a romantic seal and sealing wax in their own tiny velvet pouch. Also included is The Art of the Love Letter by by Thomas Campbell, with excerpts from famous missives, including those of Napoleon and Josephine, along with tips and suggestions for penning your own love letters. Perfectly sized to keep in your reticule!

Opera Length White Satin Gloves
The perfect accessory to your evening gown, these gloves are made of stretchable satin and reach a fashionable 22" Opera length. They are one size fits most and come individually packaged and ready to wear. Get a stain on them? Not a problem! Pop them in the wash and they'll come out good as new. You won't find an easier accessory, anywhere!

Black Silk Mitts
Fingerless gloves, also known as Mitts were quite popular during the Regency. They have recently become popular again for the same reason they were created-- keeping your hands warm (or stylish) and your fingers free to work (think of them as gloves you can text in! These mitts are made of crocheted silk thread. One size, choose black or white.

"Pashnina" Shawl: Cream or Black Paisley
Lightweight, but warm, these shawls mimic the expensive Pashmina shawls of Europe. Made of 100% rayon, they measure 64x28" and are a great addition to a short sleeved ballgown. Fringe measures 2" long. Choose from Cream or Black with gold Paisley design.

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While some of my creations can be made with ribbon ties, it is often easier to use a hatpin to secure a bonnet or hat. These pins come with a removable safety cap. The pins are available in either gold or silver with corresponding accents and can made in any color combination or custom matched to your hat.
Hatpin Tone
Hatpin Colors

Roses and Crystals Hairpins
These beautiful hairpins are topped with rhinestones and tiny metal roses. They are a lovely accent for your special occasion gown. Measuring roughly 1/2" in diameter, They would stunning setting off a Regency updo. Choose Red or Pink, set of 4.

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Pearl and Crystal Hairpins
These beautiful hairpins are topped with rhinestones and pearls-- the perfect accent to your special occasion gown. Measuring roughly 1/2" in diameter, you might use them to pin ribbons in place or simply by themselves. Set of 2. Choose from Square Shaped, Pear Shaped and Round styles.

Please choose your style
Floral Hairpins
These adorable hairpins are topped with tiny paper flowers-- the perfect accent to your special occasion gown. Flowers are abut 1/2" in diameter. Use to pin ribbons in place or use by themselves. Set of 4. Click on image for larger view.

Please Choose your Color